Alden-Maine Mini Slum Book

There’s a special feature in Eat Bulaga, a mini Slum Book wherein Alden & Maine have questions for each other. This is for Alden & Maine to know more about each other. At least, we now know that Alden always pray and has strong tickle in his neck. Meanwhile, Maine eats a lot and she’s ‘pasaway’ but obedient :)

Here are their Questions and Answers in the Slum Book:

Alden: Hi, Menggay!
Maine: Hi, Tisoy!
Alden: Pwede ba ‘ko magtanong? (Can i ask a question?)
Yaya Dub:OO naman! Pero may questions din ako. (sure! I also have some questions)

1st Question: Who is Alden & Maine, as a friend?

Alden’s Answer: You can count on me like 1..2..3
Maine: talaga??? (really???)

Maine’s Answer: Sweet :)
Alden: Parang Ako (like me)

2nd Question: Who is Alden & Maine, as a brother/sister?

Maine’s Answer: Maaalalahanin, *bwisit* hahaha! (thoughtful)
Alden: Kulit mo! :)

Alden’s Answer: Supportive
Maine: Bait! Awww…

3rd Question: Who is Alden at Maine, as a son/daughter?

Maine’s Answer: Masunurin na pasaway! (obedient but pasaway)
Alden: ‘Kaw talaga 😉

Alden’s Answer: Will give up everything for loved ones. <3
Maine: edi hindi ka mag-gigive up sa ‘kin?

Question of Maine: Anong ginagawa mo pagkagising? (What do you do when you wake-up?)
Alden: Nagpipray. (pray)

Question of Alden: Anong ginagawa mo ‘pag naiinip ka? (What do you do when you get bored?)
Maine: Listen to music.

Question of Maine: Saang parte ka may pinakamalakas na kiliti? (Which part of your body is ticklish)
Alden: Leeg. (neck)

Question of Alden: Gaano ka kalakas kumain? (Do you eat a lot?)
Maine: Malakas ‘pag nasa mood. (Yes, if i’m in the mood.)

Question of Maine: Anong posisyon mo ‘pag natutulog? (What’s your sleeping position)
Alden: Nakadapa. (lying face down)

Alden: Meng, Aldub you!
Maine: Tisoy, Ma-Alden kita.

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