AlDub KiligPaMore Day 114: Approval Letter

AlDub KiligPaMore Day 114: Approval Letter
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBApproval
November 25, 2015

Lola Nidora & Tidora is worried coz they can’t do anything to stop Lola Babah’s plan. Even Yaya Dub has a plan and she’s leaving too. Lola Nidora is sad coz Yaya Dub is hurting.
Here comes the riding-in-tandem with another deliver, letters for the Lolas & Yaya Dub. ODumating na naman ang riding-in-tandem, Oh no, it’s a wedding invitation ‘Alden & Cindy Nuptial’, wedding is really happening on saturday. The principal wedding sponsors are TVJ with Allan K. as best man.

Here comes Yaya Dub, she’s happy right now. Lola Nidora hides the wedding invitation so that Yaya won’t get sad. Yaya Dub went to NSO to get her birth certificate. This is for her business management scholarship. Is she leaving Alden? Yaya is crying :(

Alden is in EB studio, sad and crying. Even their dubsmash are sad love songs :(

Alden: wag ka ng umiyak :( (please don’t cry)
Maine: mauubos din ang luha ko (my tears will run dry)
Alden: Ayokong nakikita kang malungkot (i don’t want to see sad)
Alden: ubos na rin yung sa akin (my tears are now dry)
Maine: pero kung hanggang dito na lang tayo (but if this is the end for us)
Alden: wag mo sabihin yan (don’t say that)
Alden: haharapin ko lahat (i will face all the problems)
Maine: promise?
Alden: always

Wow, Frankie Arenoli is back, Yaya is feeling dizzy! Frankie has pasalubong of chicharon & crackers from Italy for the Lolas, and Italian cornik for Yaya Dub. Of course, all his clothes are branded, a Diesel Unleaded jacket, LV belt and Prada jeans! Frankie already moved-on regarding his failed relationship with Yaya, thanks Frankie!

Maine: ano na ang gagawin natin? (what will we do?)
Alden: basta hindi dapat matuloy ang plano ng lola ko (the plan of Lola must not happen)
Maine: paano nga? (how)

Cindy is here in the baranggay, Frankie is in love with Cindy! Frankie & Cindy is such a perfect match, they should do the wedding! Wow, they even dubsmash! It’s love at first sight for Cindy & Frankie.

Cindy wants to be friends to Yaya Dub, and explains all the details to Yaya. Yaya Dub understands Cindy and she is now allowing the wedding to push through this saturday.

Oh no, Yaya Dub has another love?!? FREEZE!

Alden: wag kang susuko please! (please don’t give up)


Yesterday was a sad episode, as Alden went far away and Yaya Dub is crying. Then, to make matters worse, Cindy is showing her wedding dress designs to Yaya Dub. Alden made a promise that he’ll be back soon, Maine will wait for his return. Yaya Dub was so ecstatic when she received an approval letter, for what?

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