AlDub KalyeSerye Day 130: Brand New Start – December 14, 2015

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 130: Brand New Start
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBBagongSimuLa
December 14, 2015

The Lolas don’t have money to buy food and tickets for My Bebe Love, so Bossing Vic will give them ticket passes. The Lolas wanted to buy Monay bread, it costs P10, and additional P15 for peanut butter spread. They still couldn’t find a new home, they only slept in the jeepney & truck. Meanwhile, Lola Nidora is still search for a new place.

Here comes Lola Nidora and Yaya Dub, they seem to be happy today! Finally, Lola already found a new home for all of them! Lola Tinidora and Tidora check their new home, it is a small & untidy place, it needs general cleaning! The Rogelios unload all their things from the truck onto their new home.

It’s time for their lunch, suddenly Alden arrives in the baranggay. He brought food for the Lolas and Yaya Dub. The Lolas are so thankful to Alden for all the food and grocery items. Alden also bought clothes for Yaya Dub, so sweet. While Yaya Dub is wearing the dress, the Lolas are so busy having their lunch. It’s dubsmash time with Maine & Alden.

Yaya Dub is kinda sad, Alden is so close to Maine! So kilig! The Lolas are so busy right now, so Maine & Alden will handle the sugod-bahay.  This is the first time that Maine and Alden will host the Sugod-Bahay segment of Eat Bulaga.

Alden & Maine has a new baby, her name is Charmaine, taken from RiCHARd and NicoMAINE! Wow, Alden calls Maine as “Babe” & “Bebe”! It’s joke time with Alden & Maine!

Alden: Knock-knock…winnie the pooh
Maine: who?
Alden: bang…bang…winnie the pooh!

Here come the Lolas! Lola Nidora receives another letter…FREEZE!


The Lolas and Yaya Dub already left their mansion, and still looking for a new home. They went to the baranggay and couldn’t find a new place to stay. Alden tried to help and offer them to stay at their house in Laguna. The search for a new home continues.

Meanwhile, it was an AlDub feast yesterday as Maine guested in Sunday PinaSaya. She joined in several segments like Caring Deria, Chef Boy Next Door with Alden and Kantaririt with the rest of My Bebe Love cast. Alden & Maine were also the guests of Vampire ang Daddy Ko, there will be a continuation by next week. Also, KMJS also featured Maine & Alden for an exclusive interview and documentary.

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