AlDub KalyeSerye Day 139: Happy 23rd Weeksary – December 24, 2015

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 139: Happy 23rd Weeksary
Official Hashtag: #ALDUB23rdWeeksary
December 24, 2015

Lola Tidora, Tinidora, Yaya Dub are now ready for their performance. Their costumes are so cute, Tinidora is wearing the donut dress! The Lolas are nervous, as this is the first time they will join the contest. Doctor Dora is here, she has a medicine to remove their nervousness, taken from the sweat of a blue whale. Thank you Dora, Yaya Dub and the Lolas are now confident that they can win the contest!

Here comes Alden, it’s dubsmash time for Maine & Alden.

Maine: Happy 23rd weeksary!
Alden: Happy weeksary too!

Alden says goodluck to the Lolas & Yaya Dub. Maine will wear a pink dress, and she will sing later. It’s joke time for Alden & Maine.

Maine: Use “salabat” in a sentence
Alden: use it
Maine: Uy, punta ka nga SALABAT (hey, can you go outside)

Alden: Use fiji in a sentence
Maine: use it
Alden: Ang susunod na palabas ay rated FIJI (the next show is rated FIJI)

Yaya Dub will leave to change into her costume.

The Christmas Carol Competition will now start, wherein the winner will get P50000, and brand new House and Lot.

The contestants are: Pabebe Boys & Girls & Jingle Baes doing mostly dancing, Paranaque Rebels doing santa rap song.

The next contestant is now the Lolas and Yaya Dub. They pray together together with Alden.
Good luck, manalo man o matalo, oks lang basta sama-sama tayo

Alden gives a good luck kiss to Yaya Dub! It’s time for the performance of “The Lolas Zobeyalas”.

The grand winner of the Christmas Carol Competition is none other than “Paranaque Rebels”! Oh no, the Lolas lose the contest, and the chance to win the house and lot, they are all sad. The Lolas will just celebrate their christmas in the church :(

Tito Sen invites the Lolas and Yaya Dub for a christmas celebration in Eat Bulaga studio. FREEZE!


Today is the Christmas Carol Contest! Everything is set, Lola Nidora paid for the registration fee, Alden bought all the costumes, while Yaya and the Lolas completed their dance and singing rehearsals. They badly need to win so that they can start a new life with their new home. Hopefully, Yaya will showcase her full dancing and singing talent during the contest.

Also, today is the 23rd weeksary of Alden & Maine, i’m sure they will have a surprise for each other.

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