AlDub KalyeSerye Day 318: Recuperation – August 2, 2016

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 318: Recuperation
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBRecuperation
August 2, 2016

Lola Nidora is still in the hospital, recovering and gaining strength. Her amigas visited her, and brought some food, fruits and well wishes to Nidora. Wow, Lola has a lot of visitors, around 50 friends and relatives are here! Oh, she’s inside the chapel, we should already pray for Nidora :)

Lola Nidora has a valuable lesson imparted to the viewers: don’t wait for your loved ones to get sick in order to visit them. If you have time, always visit them.

Alden is not here today, he’s in Cagayan for another gig :) Nidora receives a phone call from Duhrizz, she wanted to visit Nidora but she’s busy with her marriage plans. The Rogelios prepared a song number for Lola Nidora :)

Another phone call, this time from Teodora, the son of Nidora, checking on her. She also receives a call from Dorita, her daughter, it looks like Nidora will need to decide on something. It must be related to the problem of Nidora. Her children wants to bring Nidora in USA…FREEZE!

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