AlDub KalyeSerye Day 332: Happy 57th Weeksary – August 18, 2016

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 332: Happy 57th Weeksary
Official Hashtag: #ALDUB57thWeeksary
August 18, 2016

Maine talks to the Rogelios and gave them reminders about Lola Nidora’s needs and medicine. She’s about to leave again, her luggage is ready. The Lolas just had their Zumba session, so that they will feel fresh.

Maine will be going to USA and will stay with Tito Teodoro, son of Nidora. Tinidora is about to take a shower, but there’s no water. Luckily, Alden is here with a bucket of water for Lola.

Happy 57th Weeksary to AlDub! Alden brought his specialty fruit salad for Nidora and Maine. Alden will take care of the Lolas while Maine is in USA.

Alden will surely miss Maine once she leaves abroad. Maine gives a long list of reminders for Alden, all the tasks needed to be done for the Lolas.

Sugod Bahay

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