AlDub KalyeSerye Day 388: Home With Lolas – December 2, 2016

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 388: Home With Lolas
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBHomeWithLolas
December 2, 2016

Maine is excited for their babies. Oh no, their house is a mess, it looks like the Lolas re-arranged their house. The Lolas are now living in AlDub’s home. Lola Nidora actually took care of the arrangement, as she is concerned about Maine’s welfare. Here comes Lola Tidora and Tinidora, they just finished their shopping :)

Alden is still unavailable today, another gig for Bae :(

The Rogelios are here, and they brought a christmas tree and decors in AlDub’s house. The Lolas are busy decorating the house. Oh no, Maine is a bit sad, as she & Alden also wants to have their own christmas decor.

Oh no, Nidora is grumpy now :( She asked the Rogelios to remove the christmas tree.

Nidora receives a call from her amiga…she’s ready to leave AlDub’s house…FREEZE!

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