AlDub KalyeSerye Day 389: Nidora & Maine Problem – December 3, 2016

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 389: Nidora & Maine Problem
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBTampuhangMaglola
December 3, 2016

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Lola Nidora is having a sad christmas, as she has a rift with her apo, Maine. Meanwhile, Tidora is having a happy mood sing christmas songs. Tidora tells her sister to understand the current situation of AlDub. Here comes Maine, she’s also sad today :(

Maine tries to talk with Lola Nidora, but she’s snubbing her. Oh no, Maine stomach is hurting, but Nidora knows that it’s just a drama. Maine tries to make Nidora happy by dancing dessert :)

Oh no, it looks like Maine will give birth…FREEZE!

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