AlDub KalyeSerye Day 400: Happy 17th Monthsary – December 16, 2016

AlDub KalyeSerye Day 400: Happy 17th Monthsary
Official Hashtag: #ALDUB17thMonthsary
December 16, 2016

Alden & Maine are excited about the upcoming baptism of the twins, they even had their first photoshoot. The twins look like Lola Nidora.

The invitation is already done, including the godparents.

Meanwhile, the Lolas will be leaving again to USA. They need to go back to US so that their visa can still be renewed.

The godparents of Richard Nidora and Charmaine Nidora are Dabarkads. Lola Babah is in Russia, and she wants the Richards family to go to Russia so see her grandchildren. Lola Nidora disagrees with their plans, due to the cold weather in Russia. FREEZE!

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