Aldub KiligPaMore Day 86: Count Down

Aldub KiligPaMore Day 86: Count Down
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBCountdown
October 23, 2015

Lola Tidora & Tinidora list all the things not allowed in Philippine Arena, such as selfie stick, firecrackers, camping tents and more. One of Quandos has a pink hello kitty bag! According to Tito Jimmy, no photos allowed if you don’t have a camera!

Here comes Lola Nidora & Yaya Dub, but Lola is mad. Lola doesn’t want to got to the big event, as the mystery guy might follow her in the arena. Yaya Dub got worried to Lola Nidora, she really excited for the upcoming event.

Here comes Alden, and AlDub is so kilig! The smile of Alden & Maine has a spark!

Alden: Sana ako na lang yung apron mo
Maine: Bakit?
Alden: para magdamag akong nakayakap sa’yo!

Maine: Sana ako na lang yung damit mo
Alden: Bakit?
Maine: Alam mo na yun!

Maine: Excited na ako bukas!
Alden: Ako Sobra!

The mystery guys calls Lola Nidora’s cellphone at he will make a scene in the big event. Lola Nidora is fuming mad talking to the mystery guy. What are the secrets hidden in the diary? Lola Nidora is so stress right now, Yaya is worried. Lola Nidora and the Rogelios will go to the police station to report the mystery guy.

Lola Nidora returns, they went to the NBI, but she is still sad.

Alden: Lola hindi po kumpleto pag wala kayo

Lola says the big event will push through, no matter what happens. Lola invites everyone to pray so that they will have a peaceful and happy big event.

Maine: Gabayan niyo po kami bukas. Maraming salamat po.

Yes! Lola Nidora will join us in the big event!

Tomorrow, AlDub Nation will witness in the Philippine Arena, the Tamang Panahon!

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