AlDub KiligPaMore Day 35: Pabebe Twins – August 25, 2015

#KiligPaMore Day 35: Pabebe Twins
August 25, 2015

Lola Nidora was not in favor of the idea that Yaya Dub will take a Cebu vacation to visit her grandmother. For sure, Alden will also go to Cebu with Yaya Dub! Lola Nidora eventually did not allow Yaya Dub to go on that vacation. According to her, she will allow that vacation in the right time.

Pictures are all over the internet and Lola appears to be crying because of this. Riding-in-tandem suddenly appears with box of candies for yaya Dub. Lola Nidora immediately run after the riding-in-tandem. Unfortunately, she was unable to catch these guys because they just ran away and left their motorcycle. Lola Nidora was angry again with the Rogelios because they are unable to get hold of the riding-in tandem.

Yaya Dub was so excited! Yaya Dub opened the box full of candies. The funny part was when Yaya dub did a dubsmash even though her mouth is full of candies.

Tidora suddenly appeared! She’s the twin sister of Nidora. Tidora came with good looking bodyguards — Bernardo, Bernardo and Bernardo! These bodyguards are much better the the Rogelios. I’m so impressed with Paulos makeup transformation! It was so funny when Nidora and Tidora talked about their ‘twin’ story! Nidora even mentioned the possibility of them being triplets :)

Tidora ASAWA Ni? Single!

Tidora has ‘pasalubong’, Rambutan! Everybody was laughing about the jokes of Nidora. Meantime Yaya Dub eating her heart — she was consuming all the candies at once!

Alden’s nephew is so cute! He even tried to also do a dubsmash, cool! From Todora’s reaction, looks like she “likes” Alden too!

Riding-in-tandem appeared again! This time, they have something for Lola Nidora. Obviously, the box came from Alden. Unfortunately, Lola Nidora was still angry despite the box of candies. Sad — because she wants pili candies from Bicol instead. Now — we have another challenge for Alden! Alden to be able to give pili candies to Lola Nidora! Alden was caught with luggage and ready to immediately go to Bicol to buy the candies! impressive!

Agad-agad, ASAWA ni? Ogod Ogod!

Tidora has a secret to reveal to Nidora…FREEZE

Love is sweet when it’s new, but it is sweeter when it’s True.

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Video credits: EB Dabarkads

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