Aldub KiligPaMore Day 44: Rehearsals

Aldub #KiligPaMore Day 44: Rehearsals
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBWishIMaine
September 4, 2015

I’m so excited. Everybody is talking about Alden’s dance number… Is it like Magic Mike? I’m looking forward to that! Paolo will sure to watch Alden’s number. Alden was seen seriously rehearsing his number for BulagaPaMore. On the other hand, Lola Tinidora was seen of course — with the Quandos. Lola Tinidora expressed her eagerness to pole dance! Wooah! #dancepamore Lola Tinidora!

Lola was so proud of Yaya Dub! She’s really working her heart out in all of her rehearsals! Quandos was also seen dancing the every famous Twerk it Like Miley! Ewww! Meanwhile, Alden was seen rehearsing also with EB BAbes and Dance My Bae. I’m impressed with Alden’s dancing skills! Clap! After a while, Lola Nidora was seen in the next scene — with Yaya Dub and Rogelios. Guess what? Lola Nidora has a new car! She came in late because they had to drop by Barbara Sastre for Yaya Dub’s new dance costume. Yaya Dub was so happy .. because her dream to finally join the contest is about to be a reality!

Lola Nidora will support Yaya Dub all the way! But, Yaya Dub has to promise that she will follow whatever Lola Nidora wants. Meantime, Rogelios were seen dancing their hearts out! #rehearsepamore Rogelios!

Lola Nidora’s phone rang again.. but the signal was weak so she was not able to answer the call. Alden was seen seriously rehearsing his dance number — In fact, he was not affected in anyway with Yaya Dub’s presence. Yaya Dub was very much affected. Sad. #selospamore and #galitpamore si Yaya Dub.

Yaya Dub, Rogelios and Tinidora were all seriously rehearsing their dance number #rehearsepamore

Monggo, Asawa Ni Mangga!

Yaya Dub was affected by the situation. In fact, she doesn’t want to dance next Saturday anymore!? What? To pacify her, Lola Tinidora urged her to just rehearse her dance number. Wow, Lola Tinidora dance so well! Meantime, Lola Nidora was angry with Yaya Dubs reaction. For her, Yaya Dub and Alden just wanted to see each other in Broadway studio. Meantime, Yaya Dub rehearsal continued. This time, Yaya Dub apeared to be neglecting Alden.

Alden: Sorry na =) Wag ka na magtampo
Alden: Papunas naman ng pawis pls =)

Alden:Pa-kiss naman please, Alden =)

Lola Nidora: di pwede!

Alden: bati na tayo, please =)
Yaya: Dinededma mo ako
Alden Di ko lang napansin
Yaya: Na-hurt ako
Alden: Ganda mo ngayon
Alden: bati na tayo, please =)
Yaya: Sa isang kondisyon
Alden: Kahit ano!
Yaya: kiss mo ko sa cheeks =)
Alden: Ako din =)

Lola Nidora appeared to be interested also with Alden.. In fact, she wanted a kiss, too! Ok, so everything went well after that. I think Alden and Yaya Dub are now in good terms. Yehey!

Alden: Ok na Tayo!
Yaya: Ohh Baby Aldub ur way…
Alden: Aldub you too…

Lola Nidora was still seen angry with Alden. Why? Lola Nidora was, I think, jelous that during her early teen days — she had no romantic moments. After that, Lola Nidora’s phone rang again. But as usual, the voice at the other end of the line was so weak and the caller still did not reveal his or her identity.

Ok then, Lola Nidora again reiterated the three conditions for Alden. That includes the condition that there will be meetup between Yaya Dub and Alden. Another ring was heard! Lola Nidora answered the call .. looks like someone was threatening Lola Nidora and wanted Yaya Dub out of the BulagaPaMore contest! What?! Freeze!

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