Aldub KiligPaMore Day 56: One More Day

Aldub KiligPaMore Day 56: One More Day
Official Hashtag: #ALDUBOneMoreDay
September 18, 2015

Wow, everybody is happy — Lola Tidora, Tinidora, all Bernardo and Quandos. The segment started with all of them dancing! Of course, dancing won’t be complete without the Mambo no 5 with the convertible stairs headed by Lola Tinidora! At first, she appears to be not interested with the dance.. but not until the Mambo #5 was played #dancepamore! Meanwhile, Lola Tidora is doing her dubsmash — she’s prettty “kilig” up to now. Lola Tinidora also joins the dubsmash. Everybody seems to be very excited now that Lola Nidora already approved of the Aldub date! Yipeee! Lola Nidora is really just protective of Yaya Dub but she obviously is a good person.

Lola Tinidora seems to be reminiscing her first date at Bagumbayan (Luneta), Rizal is still alive at that time! As with Alden and Yaya Dub now — there was also a “no touch”policy for Lola Tinidora and her date.

This will be the first official date of Yaya Dub. All her Lola’s will prepare something and help Yaya Dub prepare for her date. I’m quite not sure if Lola will be part of the date as chaperons of Yaya!

Next scene, Lola Nidora arrived with Yaya Dub. They seems to be very exhausted, probably because they just completed their walking — this is their form of exercise. Meantime, Yaya seems to be affected because she seems to be not in good terms with one of their neighbors. Apparently, she had a fight with one of them because of Alden. This doesn’t like her teaming up with Alden. According to Lola Nidora, Yaya Dub just have to pray for her bashers – no need to fight with them. Another good lesson from Lola Nidora.

Here comes Alden — with shades. Yaya Dub, upon seeing Alden, obviously acted very girly. Meanwhile, Alden seems to be enjoying the moment, he keeps on combing his hair. He’s really handsome!

Very good, asawa ni, very gad!

Alden: Excited na ako!
Yaya Dub: Ako din! super!
Alden: Hindi na ako makatulog
Yaya Dub: Hindi na ako makakain
Alden: Kanta ka ba?
Yaya Dub: bakit?
Alden: kasi feeling ko God gave me you!
Yaya Dub: Bukas

Yaya Dub and Alden has a date rehearsal. What? Yes, you heard it right.. a date rehearsal! This won’t be possible if not for Lola Tidora and Tinidora. Tidora asks Yaya Dub to choose her dress for the date. However, looks like Yaya Dubs fashion seems to be very old style. Be more fashionable Yaya!

Alden: Kahit anong isuot mo, Ok lang
Alden: Ikaw lang sapat na! =)

Of course, Alden has his own wardrobe. He seem to have a lot of choices. Alden is quite having a hard time choosing his suit — he makes it a point to show his choice to Lola for approval. OMG, Alden tried on the suit for her date tomorrow. Yaya Dub is obviously “kilig'” while Alden is trying to put on her clothes. OK, all set for tomorrow! Alden and Yaya Dub already has something to wear for the special date tomorrow.

Yaya Dub needs to be well mannered for her first date. Lola Nidora, of course, has one rule for the date – No Touch. According to Lola Nidora, tomorrow’s date is just a getting-to-know-each-other date. Yaya Dub needs to know Alden first before anything else. Lola Tinidora, on the other hand, has several things to say related to the date. Don’t laugh too hard, Yaya Dub. Just smile and if you laugh, try to laugh with your shoulders only! Another tip is on table etiquette — from the proper posture while sitting, how to eat soup, how to use the spoon and fork and how to eat the food that is served in their table.

Yaya Dub needs to remember all the lessons learned from her Lolas. The most important this is just to act as natural as possible — just be herself. No need to rush things, Yaya Dub.

This is what Lola Nidora has to say to Alden & Yaya:
Yaya, crush is different from love. Yaya Dub has to love herself first — in this way, she will be ready to love other too. Alden, if you will love someone, you need to give yourself to the one that you love. it’s not necessary for Yaya to hope for something. She’ll gets hurt in case that doesn’t turn out as expected. But in case she gets hurt – she needs to stand up again and wipe her tears. Love is a different thing, Yaya Dub needs to prepare herself because she is still young.

Alden needs to return Yaya Dub to her Lolas before the end of Eat Bulaga. This is required because their date has a curfew!

Alden: see you tomorrow ha!

Even Yaya Dub’s makeup is care of Lola Tidora. She’s really good at that! Look! For me it looks like a makeup transformation of Yaya! This is so funny.. but Yaya seems to be now a look-a-like of Lola Tidora!

Lola Nidora and Rogelios will drop-off Yaya Dub to her date tomorrow. They need to prepare for tomorrow because… FREEZE!

Alden: Maganda ka pa rin!
Yaya Dub: mas maganda di ba!
Alden: sobra!
Yaya Dub: mas maganda ako bukas!
Alden: hihintayin ko yun!


Everybody was thrilled and excited — Lola Nidora’s gift to Alden and Yaya is a date! I’m sure this will be very romantic date this coming Saturday. This will probably start something between Yaya Dub and Alden. There was even a matching game between the couple — and that proved that Yaya and Alden are compatible! Lola Nidora seems to be happy with what is happening between Yaya and Alden. But, hold on.. there is still one thing that Lola Nidora wants..? Let’s wait and see.

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